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Learner Reviews

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Emily Marsden-Jones - April 2024

I had a great time learning to drive with Dave and have already recommended him to everyone I know that’s looking to learn to drive, I hugely appreciate how calm he was despite my many mistakes and how fun he was to drive around with too. He is always reassuring and gives you all the info and skills you need to pass first time:))

Callum Philp - March 2024

Dave helped me through my driving test and I can't recommend him highly enough. His knowledge and approach makes learning fun and enjoyable, helping me to achieve a first time pass. Thank you for your help Dave!

Sam Richardson - February 2024

Couldn’t be more grateful to have had Dave as my driving instructor. Through his patience and diligent methods, my confidence on the road has grown massively since my first lesson with him. Wouldn’t have got this pass without your calm nature and wise words (and your car of course). Thanks for everything

Nicole Britton - February 2024
Dave is a fantastic instructor very patient with new drivers I would definitely recommend him to friends probably one of the best instructors I could imagine he helped me so much

Maeve Finnan - January 2024

Dave is a fantastic instructor. He is very calm and patient in his approach which helped me relax when learning to drive. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone learning to drive and will be recommending his driving school. He was always punctual and prepared me well for my test. He is also a really nice man and easy to get on with. Anyone looking for driving lessons I would highly recommend Dave.

Louisa Branham - December 2023

Recently passed with Dave after having lessons with him for about 6 months and from the start he made a whole new experience of driving a car less daunting. He was always ready for any questions I had ready to ask and was knowledgable of test routes.

Agata Krygowska - October 2023

I had a great experience learning to drive with Dave. He was calm, friendly, and patient throughout the lessons. He explained everything clearly and gave me helpful feedback, was very knowledgeable, professional, and fun to be around too! He was also always punctual and flexible with the schedule. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor.

Revinna Kaur - September 2023

I want to say a massive thank you to Dave. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor; Dave is a wonderful person and an amazing instructor with years of experience. He is very patient and listens to his students and their needs. He always focuses on the positive things and is very supportive! I passed my driving test the first time and couldn't thank him enough. I highly recommend him!

Katie Strutt  - August 2023

Where do i begin! Dave is an amazing driving instructor! He is calm, helpful, super friendly and really knows what he is doing. Really could not have done it without him! 
Have already recommended him to some of my friends and would recommend him to anyone learning to drive! Thank you very much Dave for being simply the best instructor and helping me to past first time!!!

Oliver Bounsall - April 2023

So happy to have passed my driving test first time and will all the thanks going to Dave! He always had the right answer to my questions and I couldn’t have done it without his fantastic teaching all the way through. Would 100% recommend to anyone who is learning to drive or who has not been confident with other instructors. There is not a bad word to say at all.

Kara Slaney-Parker - April 2023

Amazing teacher with really great insturction and calming atmosphere. Would very much recomend helped me to pass first time!

Dominic Tierney - March 2023

Dave was a great driving instructor who helped me keep calm and relaxed during my driving lessons.

Jack Jarrett - March 2023

Passed first time with Dave. He’s a lovely guy and made me feel really comfortable. Was always looking forward to driving lessons, if you choose Dave I’m sure you will pass in no time. Great conversations always!

William Moore - January 2023

I would 100% recommend Dave if you are looking to learn to drive. We have 2 First time passes in our household with him. He has been patient and helped to build my confidence while driving. He is very friendly, supportive and professional and has been great for a little chit chat.

Katie Clarkson - November 2022

Dave is a lovely instructor. He's calm, patient and great at teaching. I went in feeling very nervous but Dave made me feel comfortable when driving and learning! I passed first time and can’t thank him enough!

Dom Band - September 2022

Dave's warmth, patience, and sense of humour makes driving with him comfortable as well as instructive. He is great at giving useful answers, and his consistent feedback makes it easy to progress and learn from mistakes. I passed first time with only 3 minors! I recommend him to anyone looking for an excellent driving instructor!

Elle Watts - July 2022

Dave was a really great instructor as he made me feel so comfortable and really calmed my nerves down. He has a really good and thorough way of explaining everything there is to learn and never seemed bothered about answering any questions I had which really helped me. Thank you very much Dave!

Adam Marvell - July 2022

An exceptional driving instructor that made me feel comfortable and confident in the drivers seat

Georgia Martin - June 2022

Dave is such a nice and helpful instructor who helped me pass first time! He made the stress of learning how to control a car so much easier and I wouldn’t recommend anyone else

Louise Harris - June 2022

I would absolutely recommend Dave to any learner driver. My experience with him from having never driven to passing my test has been really enjoyable. Dave always makes you feel at ease, with his calm and patient approach - not only this but he also has a great sense of humour and is always good company. He helps you approach all of the road types and manoeuvres with simple steps and lots of practice, so that you feel nice and confident! You’ve been brilliant, thank you very much.

Emily Lilly - May 2022

Would highly recommend Dave as an instructor! Really helped me build up confidence and improve. Passed my test with only 2 minors and couldn’t be happier

Craig Gibaud - May 2022

Dave is an excellent instructor, his kind and warm manor makes you feel very at ease and comfortable. I passed first time due to his thorough way of teaching. He’s a kind and genuine person and I would highly recommend him! Thank you so much Dave!

Jasmin Dhaliwal - April 2022

Dave is a great driving instructor!! He is patient and reassuring and I would highly recommend😁

Kate Iredale - April 2022

Couldn’t have had a more pleasant learning experience! Dave is warm and kind and it really helps to ease your nerves when you’re suddenly in control of a large metal vehicle. Not only did Dave make the process easier, he also made it enjoyable. I am beyond thrilled to say that he helped me pass first time! I will miss his company and highly recommend him as a driving instructor!

Brooke Hunter - April 2022

Could not recommend Dave enough, he’s been an amazing instructor and really knows how to help with your nerves and worries, whenever I had a question for him he would always answer in a way which was understandable for me, if I had any worries about any roundabouts he would help clarify the correct lanes to be in for the different directions, been amazing to learn with him and from day one I felt comfortable and felt it was right being taught by him!

Beth Mourato - March 2022

When I initially started driving I was nervous to try again, I’d got close to my test when I was a teenager but was involved in a crash with someone else at the wheel and it shook my confidence for years. Returning to driving in my late twenties, I was sure I’d feel all those feelings again but Dave was a delight to drive with. He’s calm, reassuring and gives you the right amount of freedom without prompting constantly so you begin to trust yourself to make decisions behind the wheel. Driving was never something I felt insecure about, my confidence flourished and I achieved my pass thanks to Dave! Thank you.

James Pallister - March 2022

Highly recommend Dave as a driving instructor. Always very clear and calm instructions which helped me feel confident while learning to drive. Very helpful all the way up until test day where I got a good pass thanks to him. Thanks Dave.

Rebecca Clarke - December 2021

Highly recommend Dave! I passed first time and really enjoyed learning with him. He is friendly, calm and reassuring throughout. Thank you!

Anthea Gillson - December 2021

I can’t recommend Dave enough - he has been an amazing driving instructor and is super calm and patient every lesson. I have really enjoyed all my lessons with Dave and am happy to say I passed first time with one minor! Once again, thank you for your help Dave!

Anna Mear - December 2021

Dave is an absolute amazing instructor, really reassuring, calm and patient. I would really recommend learning with Dave !

Anneka Goater - October 2021

Dave has been a fantastic driving instructor and I cannot recommend him enough. He explains everything very clearly and has a very calm way of teaching. I thoroughly enjoyed my lessons want to thank Dave for all his help.

Mia Raso - October 2021
I had a great experience with Dave- he explains everything very well and makes you feel very at ease. He is also an incredibly nice person, which makes lessons a real pleasure. I couldn’t have asked for a better instructor and the only bad thing about passing first time is not having lessons anymore!

Sophie Stewardson – July 2021
After having had many disruptions over the last year, Dave has helped me tremendously with my driving experience and has managed to keep his lessons refreshing. I’d highly recommend Dave as an instructor not only due to his relaxed way of teaching and patience, but also due to his friendly nature inside and outside the car. I have nothing but good things to say for DriveSG!

Caitlin Oxton – July 2021
Cannot recommend Dave enough! Takes everything at your pace and goes through everything with great detail- giving you the best chance to pass. My whole family have stuck with Dave and I will continue to recommend him.

Will Woodhall – June 2021
I cannot put into few words how much I recommend Dave as a driving instructor. His humble demeanour and helpful positive tips throughout your journey are not only supportive, but make the experience a comfortable one. With his patience and guidance he will teach you the skills to become a safe driver. Dave was previously my brothers instructor who passed with flying colours, and now today 14th June I’m pleased to say I passed first time with one minor fault. All thanks to Dave’s professionalism and support, thanks again Dave !


Joanna G - May 2021
Dave is a fantastic driving instructor. I felt prepared for my test and passed first time. He is friendly, very patient and always punctual. I felt comfortable and able to learn at my own pace. I highly recommend him. Thank you!

Finlay Davis-Plummer - August 2020
I passed on the 25th August and Dave was recommenced to me through a friend and has been brilliant. He has been patient, helpful and made learning to drive a really enjoyable experience. Would recommend Dave to anyone. Thank you for everything Dave.


Will Pastor - August 2020
Very useful information and a good instructor, feel confident driving.

Freya Slaney-Parker - January 2020
Dave is an excellent driving instructor. He is patient, clear and friendly. For me he made driving a really fun and enjoyable experience. I would definitely recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive.

Rohan Ford - December 2019
Dave was recommended to me by a friend and I second that recommendation. Dave was patient, clear in his explanation, and I enjoyed learning to drive with him. He was always accomodating and therefore it was easy to arrange lessons.


Lydia Griggs - November 2019
Dave is a great driving instructor! From my very first to my final lesson Dave made me feel at ease, and I thoroughly enjoyed each lesson, whilst learning everything I needed to know! He was very patient with me whilst I was learning and made sure I knew exactly where and how to improve. I couldn't have passed without him and would highly recommend him! Thankyou Dave

Kyra Foard - October 2019
Dave is an amazing driving instructor, during the many lessons we had together he was always calm and patient with me, as well as funny and lighthearted! I always felt comfortable in the car with Dave, knowing that he'll always let me know what could be improved so I could become as confident on the road as I am now. Couldn't have passed without him! :)

Ben Tossell - July 2019
Dave has been amazing from the start to finish. My sister moved to him and found him amazing, I was lucky to have him from the start. Dave is always punctual and each lesson is not only informative but fun. Despite being a great teacher he’s also an amazing person. And I would recommend him to anyone. Passed first time and owe it all to him. Thank you Dave

James Clements - July 2019
Dave is a friendly, calm and very personable driving instructor. He is a natural at putting you at your ease in lessons, and is very patient at explaining things clearly and giving constructive feedback. I would recommend him without hesitation to all (young or old(er)) wishing to learn to drive.

Nathalie - April 2019
Dave instantly put me at ease and made our lessons relaxed and non pressured. I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive and appreciated Dave’s patience in allowing me to practice the things I did not feel so confident about until I was happy! I would happily recommend Dave to anyone who is looking for an instructor.

Lucy - April 2019
Dave is very good he has helped me pass first time and I’m very greatful for that would highly recommend Dave thanks again

Matt G - April 2019
Great service, always punctual and it's been easy to change arrangements at any time. Happily passed first time and would recommend.


Jessica Moore - March 2019
I would completely recommend Dave if you are looking to learn to drive. He is patient, dedicated and a great teacher. I was incredibly nervous when I took my test but he calmed my nerves and he had made sure that I was fully prepared to take my test. He does not mind if you get it wrong and is more than happy to explain things more than once.

Lauren - Febuary 2019
I was super anxious about learning to drive but after dave taught my sister, brother and auntie I thought he would be good to go with. He was so patient and really calmed my nerves right from the start. Throughout my lessons Dave was always really helpful, kind and always a laugh. I’d recommended anyone wanting to learn to drive to go with Dave!

Olivia Durley - Febuary 2019
I was so nervous about the idea of learning to drive and was almost relieved when I saw how long Dave’s waiting list was as it meant I could put it off. In my first lesson I felt I could put all my trust in Dave straight away - he’s been so calm, flexible and easy to talk to throughout all my lessons since. I ended up with a first time pass which I never imagined in a million years would happen! Dave really is such a lovely driving instructor who genuinely cares and wants to help you as much as he can and I couldn’t recommend him more.


Samuel Rudd - January 2019
Dave is an amazing instructor and was very patient and allowed me to learn at my own pace. Very calm when you make mistakes and is brilliant at explaining what went won't and how you can improve to reduce the chances of the same mistake happening again. Would thoroughly recommend Dave!

Megan - January 2019
Couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor! Dave is so patient and informative, doesn't mind going through things a million times! I went from never sitting in a drivers seat to passing first time and it's all thanks to Dave

Kelly Sheridan - January 2019
Go with Dave - a brilliant instructor who I highly recommend! When I first contacted Dave he had a very long waiting list and now I know why. Dave is very patient, he takes the time to teach you at your own pace. When I made mistakes, Dave remained calm, explaining what I did wrong and how to improve. Dave is always encouraging; as a result, he helped me build the knowledge and confidence I needed to pass my test. Learn with Dave, he is worth the wait!

Alasdair - January 2019
I cant reccomend Dave enough! After failing my test several times with another instructor and having a long break of several years, i returned to driving and Dave was able to help me build up my driving confidence and pass. Hes very patient and encouraging!


Amy Rowe - December 2018
Dave is the best driving instructor I could’ve asked for. He helped me pass first time and I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a driving instructor, thank you so much Dave!

Charlotte Turner - November 2018
Thanks to Dave I managed to pass first time. He is a great instructor who is calm and patient. I would highly recommend him.


Hannah Clarke - November 2018
Thrilled to have passed first time! Dave is a brilliant instructor and I enjoyed my lessons, always feeling like I was making progress each time. His calm approach even when I made mistakes helped me to learn from them and gave me more confidence. I would definitely recommend him to others. Thank you!

Darcey Griggs - November 2018
I would without a doubt recommend Dave Dyer as the best driving instructor around. After hearing some negative stories from friends having no luck with their own driving instructors and not getting on with them, it truly made me realise how lucky I was to have Dave! He has been incredibly patient with me week to week from beginning to end, and with his help I now can say I feel I am a very confident driver on the road.

Ben Lilly - November 2018
After not getting along with teachers through my school life actually getting along with someone teaching me something felt amazing, Dave is not only brilliant at teaching you how to drive but also brilliant at having a laugh. Never thourght i would achive passing my driving test but Dave made it possible. 100% would recommend !

Lucy Mear - October 2018
Brilliant instructor! I started my first lesson having very little knowledge about how to drive, but with Dave’s patience and encouragement I passed my test first time. I thoroughly enjoyed my weekly lessons and felt passionate when learning. After passing my test I also booked a motorway lesson, I feel very confident with the idea of driving on the motorway now. Thank you Dave!!

George Smith - August 2018
I would recommend Dave to anyone absolute brilliant instructor down to earth and easy to get along with. His skills and knowledge are great and the constant nagging and reminders really help when it comes to test day.

Rachel Parfitt - August 2018
I highly recommend drive Sg. Dave is very professional, patient and calm. He makes you feel relaxed and filled me with confidence. He is so friendly and honest. I can’t thank him enough for helping me achieve my goals.

James Matthews - June 2018
I would highly recommend learning from Drive SG as Dave is a great instructor as well as person.He is very easy to talk / communicate with which instantly makes you feel comfortable and confident when your driving. I believe this helped me learn quickly and pass my practical test first time in a short amount of time

Amy - June 2018
Dave is a great instructor who I would reccomend to everyone I know. His calm and patient manner made me feel comfortable, even when I made silly Mistakes. He takes the time to make sure you’re 100% confident in what you’re doing, no matter how long it takes. The perfect instructor!

Callum Oxton - April 2018
I passed my driving test yesterday (first time) which I am so happy about! I wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without the help of Dave. From day 1 he was friendly and helpful and he took things step by step teaching me everything I needed to know for the test! Would 100% reccormend him to anyone looking for an instructor!

Rose Feehan - February 2018
I would highly recommend Dave, he is a friendly and extremely patient person who can easily and calmly correct your errors and guide you through driving

Lauren Maggs - February 2018
Dave has been the best instructor - I can't thank him enough for all his help. I had a few instructors before Dave and hated driving and was really nervous. Then when I started lessons with Dave he was so calm and patient and friendly that he really put me at my ease. Dave is really knowledgeable and gives really good instructions that are easy to understand and remember and never minds when you make mistakes. I have really enjoyed learning with him and will be forever grateful that he helped me pass first time!


David S - January 2018
A great instructor. Very helpful and easy to understand.Would reccommend him to anyone.

Kara-Mae Burt - January 2018
I would 100% recommend Dave to anyone who wants the learn to drive. He is very patient and friendly, and always willing to work around my messy schedule. Thank you Dave.

Ben Creasey - January 2018
Very professional from beginning to end. Always understanding of mistakes and mishaps, keeping a level head while still being fun and free speaking. I would and will recommend Dave to anyone hoping to start driving.

Leah Turner - December 2017
I would highly recommend Dave for anybody that is thinking of starting up their driving lessons. With how calm, reassuring and precise with his instructions it totally makes you feel so comfortable (which is what you need). Dave helped me pass first time and I can’t thank him enough!

Natalie Palmer - November 2017
I highly recommend Dave as an instructor; he helped me build my confidence through learning to drive. I don't think i would have been able to achieve passing without his encouragement during lessons.

Zac French - November 2017
The best teacher out there I highly recommend I couldn’t have made it without his confidence in me It’s worth the wait just to get the lessons with him

Taylor Hunter - October 2017
Thank you so much for all the time you spent with me helping me achieve my full license!! Thanks for being so patient and being the best instructor out there!! Will definitely be recommending you to everyone! I really enjoyed my lessons with dave always having a laugh and he is so patient! I passed my test first time and I have never been happier, he teaches everything at your own pace and always makes you feel comfortable, thank you so much :)

HarryJ - October 2017
Dave is great instructor who helped me pass first time. I never expected to acheive that in the first place! He gives praise and contructive criticism which motivates you and helps you improve all the tine. I'd recommend him to anyone!


Harriet Tyler - October 2017
I really enjoyed my lessons with Dave, he is calm and patient, was always willing to fit in around my availability, would 100% recommend


Emily Roberts - October 2017
I started off as an extremely nervous driver and with the help of Dave managed to overcome my fear which resulted in the best outcome possible. Couldn't recommend a better instructor!


Ellie Jones - September 2017
Great instructor! I never felt nervous learning with Dave, and am grateful he helped me to pass first time! Would definately recommend to anyone looking to start to drive!

Vienna  - August 2017
100% recommend Dave to anyone! He's an incredible instructor, calm and very patient. I've really enjoyed learning how to drive with him.


Georgina Kivelehan - July 2017
I would 100% recommend DriveSG to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Dave provides knowledgeable support tailored to your driving ability. He really helped me build my confidence behind the wheel and I came out of each lesson feeling like my driving had really improved. Dave is really patient and makes sure that you feel comfortable with attempting new things without rushing you into anything. He is a very genuine, funny and down to earth guy which makes for great conversation. I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor.


Gemma Randall - July 2017
I thoroughly enjoyed learning to drive with Dave. He has a lovely, friendly teaching method. He never dwelt on the negatives, just praised the positives. Thanks again Dave


Gemma Lee - July 2017
Absolutely Brilliant instructor! So patient and encouraging and has a wonderful temperament. I had fun on my lessons and always felt like I was learning and being challenged as well as consistently practising manoeuvres and test routes. He really took that time to assess what I needed to work on and focus on that. I was given a great choice of lesson times too so I could fit it around my shift work. I passed first time and I was amazed how calm and ready I felt before the test thanks to Dave's excellent teaching. I literally cannot recommend him enough. Book him, book him now :)


Martin Bak - June 2017
I cannot be more grateful for my friends for recommending Dave as a driving instructor. On the first lesson I instantly felt confident as Dave has a professional but friendly, down to earth attitude. Throughout the months of driving, I never felt that my potential was held back as Dave wasn't trying to waste time, but he also didn't rush me. The phase of the driving was just right to me, as an individual. This proves his experience and adaptability. Also as a full time student, it was hard for me to find free time to practice, but Dave was willing to give me flexible hours. I would most definitely recommend him to anyone, with any level of experience.


Karen Pegg - May 2017
After a lot of research I chose to learn to drive with SG. Initially I was very nervous but Dave immediately put me at ease, quickly adapting to my style of learning with professionalism, patience and humour. I thoroughly enjoyed the learning process and never once felt overly stressed or pressured. Dave was fully booked when I first contacted him but having recently passed my test on the first attempt with only one minor, I definitely think he was worth the wait. 10/10

Charlea, Stevenage - March 2017
Dave is a fantastic teacher and a genuinely lovely person. I was very nervous and anxious to start but he put me at ease straight away. Lessons were always fun and I never felt stressed or under pressure, he taught me everything in my own pace. I would recommend him to everyone as he helped me pass first time!


Ryan - March 2017

Dave's a superb driving instructor. He's easy to get along with, always calm and is brilliant at analysing what you did well and what you didn't do so well on to be able to correct it. Overall an excellent instructor and person.


Rosie Field - Feb 2017
A fantastic teacher - I cannot recommend Dave highly enough. He is extremely calm and patient and made me feel totally at ease throughout.


Ileisha - Feb 2017
Really enjoyed learning how to drive with Dave! Brilliant instructor,always giving good advice in order to achieve my full license. Would definitely recommend to family and friends!


Abigail Twomey - Feb 2017
When I first started learning to drive, I was intimidated by the idea of controlling such a seemingly complex vehicle as a car, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that Dave would peacefully teach me how to drive with confidence. He never got angry or impatient, and he put up with what I think must have been a lot of silly mistakes I made along the way. He will understand if you have never driven before and will allow you to build your confidence at your own pace if you need it, rather than stressfully rushing you towards taking the test! Whether you're scared to drive or eager, Dave is a great choice for anyone.


Sebastian Venter - Feb 2017
Dave was as good an instructor as I could ever have hoped for. He knows exactly what he is doing and makes the whole experience of learning very relaxing. After 10 hours of lessons over a month I passed my test on my first attempt!


Freya - Jan 2017
Dave has been a great help at getting me to pass my test. He always gave good advice, and I could always count on him for staying calm and collected in every situation. I've had a very pleasent experience of learning to drive, and I appreciate the effort Dave put in for me!


Dain - Oct 2016
I would not hesitate in recommending Dave to anybody. Friendly, calm and professional throughout my learinng experience. From day one you will feel comfortable and i'm grateful for everything he has taugh me.


Liam Cooper - Oct 2016
Dave is a brilliant driving instructor, would reccomend to anyone! extremely paitent throughout my lessons with him. always very chatty and puts you at ease in whatever situation, i had a great few months learning, everything was at my own pace nothing was rushed! will always try his best to get you a lesson at your required time and from where you want to be picked up from, thanks to dave i passed first time with just 3 minors! again thankyou very much dave!


Michael Paine - Oct 2016
Would highly reccomend Dave, a very reliable instructor who teaches you at your own pace and is very constructive if things are going wrong, but also quick to praise.

Curtis Vincent - June 2016
Thoroughly enjoyed my lessons with Dave, helps you to learn at your own pace, is very constructive and helps you through every step of the way. Would definitely recommend. 10/10


Phoebe - June 2016
Dave is such a wonderful driving instructor. He is so friendly, patient and calm. I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you so much Dave!


Amy McInally - May 2016
Dave is an excellent driving instructor, I would highly recomend him, because he is very reliable and never let me down. He is very patient and a real confidence giver. With Daves help I managed to pass my test with zero minors. Could not of asked for a better driving instructor.


Christian Barley - April 2016
Dave's been great throughout my experience of learning to drive. He was always punctual, alert and guided my through the experience at a rate that suited me. An all round excellent teacher who I would strongly recommened to anyone learning to drive!


Martin Walls - Feb 2016
An increadable man is dave, always so calm, frienndly and a great teacher. I couldnt have asked for a better tutor to put up with me for that long! I recomend him greatly.


Michelle - Jan 2016
Learning to drive with Dave was a great experience for me, he's really friendly and down to earth, and is very patient. He is ready to point out mistakes and teach you how to be a better driver; he is equally ready to give praise when you're doing well which is encouraging and comforting. You learn a lot in a very short space of time and I would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.


Jordan - Dec 2015
Highly Reccomended! So clear and easy to understand, staying calm and patient throughout, making it easy to learn to drive. Been a great help guding me through all elements of passing the test from the theory to the practical. Thankyou Dave!


Craig - Nov 2015
such a good instructor! i would recomend this to a lot of people who havent started driving lessions as it is the best way to start!


Tom Ramsay - Oct 2015
Dave is a fantastic teacher, from lesson one he was patient and understanding. His instructions were clear and he always kept me on track no matter what happened. It was a pleasure to learn and be taught by him.


Jai Kumar - Sept 2015
Dave is a brilliant driving instructor, he is super friendly and calm and is very patient with you even when you make mistakes and will help you to work through any problems you may have. I would highly recommend him !


Holly Edwards - Aug  2015
Dave is a fantastic driving instructor, from day one on my first lesson I knew he was genuine, he makes you feel comfortable and at ease when your driving. He is patient and very reasonable and never gets angry at you if you do something wrong. He makes lessons simple but enjoyable and you will always learn a lot from him. His lessons are also productive and reasonable. He never cancels a lesson and will always make time for you. He is friendly and chatty which makes the lesson relaxed and you can always have a good chin wag with him. I would highly recomend Dave to anyone who wants to drive in a manual car.


Emily, Hitchin - Aug 2015
Dave helped me to build me confidence in the car  making the experince of learning to drive exciting and enjoyable and I always finished my lesson feeling that I had improved my driivng in one way or another. I couldn't recommned Dave high enough as he is a fantastoic driving instructor and I hope to remember he taught me!


Jac Ferguson - July 2015
Dave is a great instuctor and I cannot recommend him enough! He's friendly, calm and talkative so you avoid those awkward silences whilst driving, with every lesson being well planned with progression tailored to your needs.


Luke Pearce - June 2015
Great Teacher, Patient, I cannot recommend Dave highly enough he is a fantastic teacher! Thank you very much for your time and patience! I passed 1st time with 3 driver faults all down to a great instructor! Many Thanks Luke.


Danny - June 2015
Dave is an excellent instructor, he took me from an unsure, unconfident learner to passing first time in only a few months. He makes you feel very comfortable by injecting confidence within you, and he is able to give great advice.Learning to drive with Dave has been a pleasure and i can not reccomend him highly enough, everything a driving instructor should be. Thank You Dave.


Isaac Barkway - June 2015
Before I started learning, I'd heard horror stories about stalling, manouvours, and failed tests - but from my first lesson with Drive SG it was clear I didn't need to be worried. Dave's expert knowledge and friendly-but-professional approach to teaching meant I felt safe and confident every step of the way, and before I knew it I'd passed first time was on my way home from the test centre, certificate in hand!


David Lewinton - May 2015
You really couldn't ask for a better instructor if you want to pass with confidence! I passed first time with Dave because the lessons were structured, planned and in no time at all your'e driving on back from the test centre and taking a photo with a certificate!


Melissa  - April 2015
Before my first lesson I was a little apprehensive but Dave’s calming approach and excellent way of explaining things put me at ease and I saw my driving ability increasing quickly. When my test came I was well prepared and there weren’t any surprises as Dave had covered exactly what to expect. Thanks to Dave’s amazing teaching I passed first time and am very grateful to him. I would definitely recommend Drive SG to anyone looking for lessons.


Angela Marston - April 2015
I passed my test three weeks ago, in no small part thanks to Dave DriveSG. He is the most patient, fun and knowledgable instructor I have worked with. I now consider him a friend and someone I am in debited to for the rest of my life. He helped me changed my life for the better. Thanks Dave. I was a very nervous learner and he worked with me to overcome my fears and now I have my license.


Jack Jones - April 2015
I had my test a long time ago now but Dave was a great instuctor! Every single lesson was helpful and I was able to pass really quickly! I'm so grateful for everything!


Rob, Letchworth - March 2015
I would highly recommend Dave if you are wanting to learn to drive. Ive had many false starts over the years but with Dave not only did I pass in a quick timeframe but I also enjoyed the lessons. He has a fantastic relaxed teaching style that really helped me as an older learner. Thanks for all your help Dave!

Alice - March 2015
Dave is a great driving instructor, always clear with his discriptions of how to do things and understanding when things don't quite go the way they were meant to. I cannot recommend him enough. Thnak you very much!


Hannah - Feb 2015
Dave always made me feel comfortable and confident in driving. I recommend him to any learner driver.


Dominic Bowles - Jan 2015
I cannot speak highly enough about Dave, he was a great driving instructor who was intrumental in helping me to pass my test. Clear and helpful guidance. Start learning with Dave - you are guaranteed success!


Yuliya Jefisova - Jan2015
I am not a native English speaker and I thought it can be difficult to learn and perceive driving instructions, however Dave was so patient at all the times and he always gave and directed me so clearly that it was a pleasure taking lessons with him.

During my lessons, Dave would always be calm and supportive and I didn't feel under pressure. He is a brilliant teacher. I am very grateful for everything he taught me !

Highly recommended .


Edward H. Sharma - Jan 2015
Dave SG is with without a doubt one of the best instructors in Hertfordshire. He made it a quick, easy process and had me feeling extremely confident, sitting in the drivers seat, both in front of him and the examiner. If it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have passed first time. I can not praise him enough! If you are looking to pass within a certain period of time, I would highly recommend Dave for the job. Cheers Dave.


Andy Traynor - Dec 2014
Quality of teaching was second to none. Dave has a very calming and resassuring influence on learners, and for me this helped develop my confidence from day 1! I am very grateful for this life skill that Dave has helped me gain. Dave was reccomended to me, and I too most certainly reccomend his services!


Ciaran Feehan - Nov 2014
Great teacher. Informative and calm, picks up on everything and generally effective teaching. Made sure that when I took the test I was confident on everything, and got me a first try pass. 10/10


Laura Roberts - Oct 2014
I was so nervous about learning to drive and so I had left doing so until I reached my thirties. I thought I would have one lesson and not take any more. However, in Dave I found an instructor who has endless patience, is kind and is also very encouraging.

During my lessons, Dave would always be calm and supportive and I didn't feel under pressure. He is a great listener and a brilliant teacher.

I can not recommend Dave highly enough!

Edward, Royston - Oct 2014
Absolutely chuffed that I chose Drive SG as my driving school. Every lesson felt important and effective with Drive SG, due to Dave's way of explaning things, calmness and understanding. Dave made me feel like a confident driver and my whole learning experience was so much easier because of it.


Caroline Willis - Aug 2014
At first I was a very nervous driver and the whole idea of driving seemed a very scary prospect to me. Dave helped me to improve my confidence and most of all enjoy driving, with countless laughs along the way! I am grateful to Dave and his tuition in helping me to achieve a first time pass and would recommend him to anyone wanting to enjoy learning to drive.


Rebecca vd Westhuizen - July 2014
Dave is a great instructor. I am so glad that I chose him to be my instructor, and cannot recommend him highly enough. As an older learner I was extreamly nervous starting out and thought I would continue to be a nervous driver. Dave's calm and friendly manner put me right at ease from the start and gave me the confidence I needed. I would not have passed without Dave's method of teaching or his confidence in me. From day 1 to test day - Dave has been a great support and a great instructor. If you want to learn how to drive well and pass your test - Dave is your best option **Highly Recommended**


Susma Dura - June 2014
I would definitely recommend Dave as he's a great driving instructor. Very friendly, patient, calm, reliable and encouraging, which made me feel at ease in my lessons. It has been a good driving experience learning with Dave and there is no-one else better to learn with than him. :)


Colin Eaton - June 2014
Dave is a great driving instructor, he is very patient and encouraging. He helped me build my confidence in driving. He is very easy to talk to, and he is very good at teaching the skills you need for driving. Anyone who wants to learn to drive should choose Dave. Thanks Dave.


Lucinda Stallard - May 2014
Dave was a great teacher, always friendly, calm and reassuring. He was very patient and made me feel relaxed while learning to drive, which initially I was quite nervous about. He explained things well and slowly so that I understood and he was very encouraging. He made it easy to ask him to go over anything I was unsure about and gave me advice on where to improve as well as praising anything I did well. I highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to learn to drive. Thanks for everything Dave :)


Anna - May 2014

Dave is a fantastic teacher! From the very first lesson and up to test day Dave was always very calm, encouraging and friendly, he had a great way of explaining and helping me conquer the parts of learning to drive I initially found difficult to grasp. Before my test I was sure I wouldn't pass but Dave was very reassuring and helped give me confidence, I passed first time and would not have been able to do it without Dave!

When I started looking for an instructor I found it difficult to choose who to learn with, I chose Dave because I saw a comment on here from someone I knew and I am very glad I made that choice – I would recommend Dave to anyone think about learning to drive.


Georgie White - April 2014

Where to start, Dave is a fantastic teacher! He is patient and encouraging, always providing advice and knowledge to ensure you get the best out of your lessons. Whenever I got nervous or was unsure about a decision to make whilst driving he helped me in a calming and friendly way. Dave has made learning to drive very enjoyable and am so glad to have passed my test!


Stevie Gibbs - April 2014
The best thing about Dave is the fact that from the second you meet him he makes you feel so relaxed. He never once in any lesson raised his voice and was always interested in what you were up to. Dave has a way of teaching that stops you from being nervous completely. He's also very empathetic. When I passed he was so happy for me which was really nice :) I'd recommend Dave to anyone, particualry those most nervous. Thanks Dave! :)


Leanne - April 2014
Dave made me feel very calm on all my lesson i had with him, i cannot recommend him highly enought. I always enjoyed my lessons and never felt scared or unprepared for anything as dave explains things in an easy way. Thank you again dave! :)


Sam Marsden - Jan 2014
I cannot recommend Dave highly enough, he is an excellent driving instructor. Dave not only prepared me thoroughly for my test, he also managed to make it an enjoyable process. Dave's easy going and friendly approach is massively reassuring and he creates an excellent environment in which to learn. Dave has an excellent way of explaining things and is very patient, so it is never a problem to ask him to go over something again.

If you want to learn how to drive and have the best possible chance of passing your test, look no further than Drive SG.


Eleanor Abbiss - Jan 2014
Dave was a brilliant instructor even when i went around the roundabout the wrong way! he didnt shout and i have now passed my test and it is down to dave thank you:)


Chloe Fletcher - Jan 2014
Dave was a wonderful instructor. Was constantly patient and always calm.. even on the bad lessons.He praised me when i did well and was explained how i could improve.If he's capable of helping me to pass my test first time, he can make any pass.Will definitely be reccomending Dave to new learners.


Sheila Hart - Nov 2013
I was very nervous to learn to drive at the age of 33 and didn't think I would ever be able to drive and pass the test. When I first met Dave, I felt very comfortable and at ease and he was very friendly which made the learning process easier and less stressful. Dave was not only my instructor but I felt I had a friend to have a good moan to about work, life and not being able to pass the test. Dave was a fantastic listener and helped me build my confidence behind the wheels.Dave has a patient of a saint and I couldn't have asked for a better driving instructor.


 Jill Campbell - Nov 2013
I hadn't driven for 12 years & was very nervous about driving again. I booked refresher lessons with Dave & couldn't have got a better instructor. He is so calm with a great sense of humour, so I didn't feel stupid kangarooing along on the first lesson! It's not just the operation of the car, he helps you to see potential hazards & think about your surroundings when driving. After 5 lessons I am now ready to face the driving world again, something I thought I would never do. I would recommend taking refresher lessons with Dave to anyone like me who is an older, reluctant, nervous or out of practise driver.


Emma Palmer - Sept 2013
Dave was an absolute brilliant driving instructor, fully putting up with all of my moaning and worrying about not being able to do it! He makes you feel relaxed and at ease, encouraging you all the time and he never gets angry if you make a mistake! I was a really nervous driver all through my lessons but with Dave's help I managed to pass first time, thanks Dave!


Bethany - Aug 2013
Dave has been such a brilliant instructor for me, from the moment I first sat in the driver's seat to today when I passed my test! He's been so friendly, calm and genuine every step of the way, making the whole experience of learning to drive so much easier and I'm very grateful for everything he's taught me!


Bradley - July 2013
Dave was a great driving instructor and I would definitely recommend him to any learners out there. He was always on time to lessons and was always very calm and patient, which made me feel very confident driving with him. He was also able to motivate me well and gave me confidence that I was able to pass my test. Thanks a lot Dave!


Molly Taylor - July 2013
Dave was the best driving instuctor I could have wished for. Every lesson was very productive but without feeling rushed. Dave was always really supportive and I cant thank him enough for helping me pass my test three weeks after turning 17. He is a lovely man and a brilliant instructor. I wish you the best for the future Dave!


Sarah Richards  - July 2013
Dave was a great driving instructor, and he always supported me during my lessons. He made learning to drive easy, and always gave me advice on how to improve and how well he thought I was doing, and from being told this it made me more confident during my test.


Jade - July 2013
I would just like to thank you on getting me through my driving test and supporting me all the way through it.  Your a wonderful man and a great driving instructor I can't thank you enough, all the best!


Alice Bishop - June 2013

Even though I had never driven before I felt totally relaxed in my lessons with Dave, which, for a first time driver is a major bonus. Dave was very proffessional, he always arrived on time, never let me down and gave me the confidence I needed to pass my test. Dave is a really nice guy and I'm very pleased I picked him when going through the minefield of choosing a driving instructor. I would without hesitation recomend Dave as an instructor,


yoandrzej joachimowicz - May 2013
I was looking for driving instructor for couple of days.. One day i was walking a street in Stevenage and I saw Dave white car - so i finally decided to give it a go. Before my first driving lesson - I didn't have any previous driving experience - so i felt bit excited and nervous about it and Dave made it looks simple and fun. He's a great teacher - whenever i was unsure or lost - he always put me back into right track. Besides all of that, he's a man with a great sense of humour, and knows how to raise good spirit. I passed my practical test on first attempt - and with no doubt - it wouldn't happen without your lead Dave! Thanks for achieving dreams, and good luck in future!


Tom - April 2013
As I’m getting in to my twenties I was worried I was going to end up as a 40-year-old driving virgin. After ringing around a few instructors I

was recommended Dave and straight away his friendly and approachable phone manner showed me he was the right man for the job.

Having never driven a car before I didn’t know my windscreen washer reservoir from my elbow but he showed me all the basics and progressed each lesson at the speed that was right for me.

Always calm, professional, organised and on time, his hard work and busy schedule are a testament to his talent as an instructor and I’d readily recommend him to all my mates (if they didn’t all already know how to drive). Keep up the good work Dave, it’s been a pleasure.


Neil, Stevenage - April 2013
Learning to drive can be a very daunting and traumatic experience for most people, but Dave brought a very human, kind and patient approach to it. Making sessions relaxed, relevant and more importantly varied to different situations Dave really guided, coached and encouraged me to become an accomplished driver in very little time and very little expense. I would passionately recommend Dave and DriveSG as the school of choice and feel sure that after any lessons with him you will certainly agree. Thank you so much for everything Dave, great job.

Jonny Whitmill  - Feb 2013
I was a tad nervous with the prospect of learning to drive but Dave immediately put me at ease. The lessons were relaxed and enjoyable. Dave is easy to talk to and get along with during the lessons. The technical aspects of learning to drive were made simple with easy instructions. I would advise everyone to learn to drive with Dave, he helped me to get a great first time pass! Cheers Dave! I will see you soon for the advanced driving!


Emily - Feb 2013
Dave was calm and relaxed during driving lessons, which made them enjoyable. Learning to drive has gone from being a scary concept to becoming something fun. I'm so glad he was my driving instructor and I would recommend. Thanks Dave!


Eleanor Thompson - Feb 2013
Help and advice from Dave is always clear and easy to follow, which makes grasping difficult concepts under pressure much easier. He is always alert and ready to point out mistakes, but equally keen to praise, and as a result, lessons are very productive. Dave's calm, cheerful approach makes learning to drive as stress free as is possible, and thorough preparation means you know exactly what to expect in your test. Thank you Dave!


Ben - Jan 2013
I just passed my test today Dave is a grate instructor always on time for my lessions and made lessions fun. He never shouts at you if you mess up and he makes you belive you can do it. If you are starting to think about driving you cant go wrong with Dave. Thank you for everthing Dave u will not be disappointed! Thanks Dave :-)


Ciaran Lumsden - Jan 2013
Dave was a great instructor and always made lessons fun, I had experience from two different instructors and Dave was definitely calmer, more relaxed, and looking to make me the best possible driver. He was always on time, and never keen to end lessons, whilst being cheaper than nearly all other driving instructors. I would fully recommend Drive SG.


Beth Traynor - Dec 2012
Dave is a fantastic driving instructor, and one of the most significant things was that he is calm and patient, which really helps with the nerves in the first few lessons. Thanks a lot Dave, I'm glad I chose to go with Drive SG, as he helped me to pass first time!


Sapphia - Nov 2012
I've recently passed with Dave. I think he is an amazing driving instructor and would recommend him to anyone! He was calm, patient and very chilled out. He made me feel comfortable and confident....  So thank you very much Dave!!


Will Smith - Nov 2012
Dave always showed enthusiasm from the first lesson, right down to the last lesson. He made learning to drive a fun, easy and unforgettable experience. He gave me the confidence and motivation to drive and I thank you for that, Dave!


daniel - Aug 2012
After taking a year out from learn to drive, I was looking for a new instructor when a friend recommed dave. Dave is a great instuctor and teach you to drive safely without getting angry if you do something wrong. He is also a bit of a joker. Thanks dave for getting me throught my test.


Ken - May 2012
Having passed my driving test a few years ago and having not driven since, it was necessary for me to learn everything from scratch. I was amazed to find that, only a few hours of relaxed and friendly tuition have given me the technique and confidence to go out and start driving on my own.


Anna - May 2012
I've had many driving instructors and by far Dave is the best one! he is so friendly you forget about the nerves. He wont shout at you even if you do almost crash! and he doesn't spend hours going through the books he lets you drive!  thank you Dave!


Dan - March 2012
Being able to drive gives a person freedom and independence and driving is a skill Dave teaches extremely well during his lessons. Confidence is a key aspect when learning to drive and Dave builds confidence through his willingness to converse with you while driving, no matter what the subject whether it be moaning about how rubbish your week has been or aspects of driving, and also through the encouragement and calmness he offers when something goes wrong during a lesson. My aim was always to pass my test by the summer and through Dave’s excellent teaching methods I was able to complete this aim with confidence, enjoyment and months to spare. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking learn. Thanks again Dave.


Carl, Stevenage -  Feb 2012
Dave is a brilliant Instructor, providing comfortable and reassuring surroundings making learning to drive a whole lot easier and rewarding. Learning to drive a little older than most meant I wanted to learn quickly and take my test as soon as possible, and I couldnt have asked more of Dave for making that happen.  Dave is flexible and always tries his best to work around your schedule. Dave strips learning to drive right ot the basics and progresses you up from there systematically to ensure you are confident with every aspect, even providing reassurance to make my test a little less nerve racking. Dave is honest and has a good sense of humour so at least when you muck up, you can have a good laugh about it. I would highly recommend Dave to anybody, his brilliant teaching style got me behind a wheel of my car with a full license quickly, and meant I felt confident driving for the first time on my own knowing that I had a wealth of driving ability behind me...and the best bit, you don't even get told off when you have to cancel a lesson!!!


Nurul - Feb 2012
Dave is a great instuctor and made me feel at ease during all my lessons, he always works hard and takes instructing seriously but makes it fun at the same time. I would recommend Dave to anyone looking for a good driving instructor. :)


Daryl Fensome - Feb 2012
just recently passed my driving test all thanks to dave, he never put any pressure on me, and just kept it a cool and carm expeirence during the lesson would recommended him to anyone looking to learn to drive. thanks alot dave :)

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